Eduinq Career Services to explore your Potential

Career Counseling : Confused about your career or don't know what you like to do exactly, get in touch with our professional. Ask a query and get responded within two working days. Come to know, What to do? / How to do ? Steps to do?

Resume Writing : Not satisfied with your current resume? let our team develop you the best resume you look after.

One-to-One Placement Support : Tired of searching jobs and sending resume to recruiters ? Let our team assist you on One-to-One basis, so that you can explore the best opportunity. With this services, you focus on your interview preparation and leave everything else on ourside

Get Instant Reference : Get the job id from our exclusive active job opening sheet and ask for instant reference via below mentioned form. Team will refer the candidate based on their profile. Service is completely free of cost to all candidates for a particular number of time on daily basis

Join our Job Updates Groups : Join our various jobs sharing pages across Facebook / Linkedin / Instagram / Telegram / Whatsapp and many more. Keep yourself updated with all the recent jobs posted.

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Eduinq Career Services

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