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Welcome to the world of "Infographic Resume" is the only assessment firm which provide infographic resume to each and every student as well as live scorecard to the recruiter. Some of the benefits, you will receive being a part of Eduinq family are described below in details:

  • Infographic resume:

    This is not just a piece of text resume but a complete profile which showcase your potential related to area of interest. Create your graphical representation of text resume and impress recruiter with unique resume. Click proceed button to create your own beautiful infographic resume.
  • Assessment Test:

    Hope you heard of the assessment test to secure your career. Most of the time, the tests are overpriced, and hence can't be afforded by majority of sections. Assessment test at are free for active users while affordable to non-active users. The candidates can take unlimited number of assessment tests. Go to the Challenge series module in the job seeker section to take assessment tests.
  • One to one Placement support:

    Team Eduinq will provide one to one Placement support to all the candidates performing well on the assessment side. If you are performing well on the assessment side, get in touch to Team Eduinq for one to one placement support. Share your Eduinq ID with our team to get one to one placement support.
  • Unlimited Interviews:

    Get the maximum number of interview calls from the client companies of team Eduinq, and make career with one of them. You need to focus only on your performance in assessment test, rest being assured by the Team Eduinq.
  • Search and Apply:

    You can search the best available opportunities for yourself and apply for the same in the Jobseeker section. All the jobs being posted are verified by the Team Eduinq and don't contain any third party links. Go to the Job Openings module in "Jobseeker" section to apply for the same.
  • Fellowship Program:

    Apply for the various fellowship programs available in and around the world for the Graduates. You can too apply for the fellowship programs being offered by the team Eduinq. Fellowship program will be well communicated through the mail or "fellowship module" in the "Jobseeker" section.
  • Earn Via Referral Program:

    While shaping your career, Eduinq provides you a platform to earn in the same period through Earn-via-Referral program. To know more about the referral program, get in touch to our team or visit "Earn via Referral" module in the "Jobseeker" section.
  • Buying points:

    You can earn buying points everyday on our portal depending on your activities. Collect as much buying points as you can to buy the stuff from our portal at no cost. To get buying points, register and start taking Assessment Test.
  • Vast network:

    Be a part of our the vast network, to increase your professional network. Join our professional group to be in touch with the professionals from various firms.

Hope you have made up your mind and we are waiting for you to get registered with us. Feel happy and proud to be a part of eduinq family. We will put our every effort to build your career the way you are looking for.
In case of any queries, write to us at Smile and share about us.

 Proceed to Infographic Resume

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