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Eduinq organize various career development program in order to develop the future ready professionals. The program organized by Team Eduinq are Eduinq Fellowship Program / Eduinq Mentorship Program / Eduinq Campus Pre-Internship Program / Eduinq Training program with PPO.

Kindly go through the program details in below Order (Scroll down for all the program details):

1. Eduinq Fellowship cum Development Program

2. Eduinq Mentorship Program

3. Eduinq Campus Pre-Internship Program

4. Eduinq Training program with PPO

Eduinq - Fellowship Program Details

Career Security : 4 LPA CTC to 27 LPA CTC

Have gone through the program details shared above. Apply, get developed and start your career with-in our vast clients network with great salary package. In case if you still have any query left, kindly connect with our team via "Live chat support team" or submit your queries via link shared in Job-seeker section

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